Vision and Mission

ProPellets Austria is an association of the Austrian wood pellet industry. Members of proPellets are companies which produce wood pellets, deal in wood pellets, manufacture pellet boilers or pellet stoves or are otherwise involved or interested in the wood pellet industry

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of proPellets is to bring about an energy transition in heating. Around 70% of heat used to warm buildings in Austria is provided by burning of fossil fuels. Our mission is to make a major contribution towards replacing fossil fuels with the renewable energy source wood pellets.

Tasks of proPellets

The introduction of a new energy source onto the market involves multifaceted tasks that proPellets Austria fulfills for its member companies. Especially important is the function as an information hub. Many professional groups such as architects, planners or plumbers are in need of information about wood pellets. From time to time there are some unexpected tasks as well, for instance providing information about new developments (information from approval authorities, new technical or legal requirements...).

Informing the public and the media about the advantages of wood pellets has become one of the association’s most important tasks. It is essential to keep a continuous learning process within the association running and to constantly review and improve the important interfaces between wood pellet production, provisioning, delivery and the requirements of heating devices.

ProPellets is open to new members and a contact point for end customers with questions or problems.