Wood pellet prices in Austria and comparisons to other fuels

Wood pellet prices are compiled by proPellets Austria on a monthly basis since 2006. More than 70% of the traded pellet quantities are included in this price survey at 54 pellet dealers, thereby representing a reliable indicator for the development of the market prices.

Wood Pellet Prices

Wood pellet prices March 2023

Pellet prices have been collected on a monthly basis by proPellets Austria since 2006. More than 70% of the traded pellet volume is recorded in this price survey with over 50 pellet dealers, providing a reliable indicator of market price trends. After removing the two lowest and two highest prices, the average price is calculated from the remaining trading prices. The survey of trading generally takes place in the first week of the month, with Wednesday as the cut-off day. To avoid influencing the market through the price survey, the results are published with a time delay of roughly 3 weeks.

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