Current Wood Pellet Prices in Austria: Monthly Trends and Comparisons to other Fuels

Since 2006, proPellets Austria has been consistently compiling wood pellet prices on a monthly basis. Our comprehensive survey includes more than 70% of the traded pellet quantities from a network of 54 pellet dealers. This makes our data a reliable barometer for understanding market price trends and developments in the wood pellet industry.

Wood Pellet Prices

Wood pellet prices February 2024

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Survey method 
Since 2006, proPellets Austria has been systematically gathering data on pellet prices every month. Our extensive survey captures more than 70% of the traded pellet volume, involving over 50 pellet dealers, thereby providing a dependable gauge of market price trends. We calculate the average price by excluding the two lowest and two highest prices from the remaining trading prices. Our trading survey occurs on the 1st of each month. To prevent any undue influence on the market through our survey, we publish the results with a delay, making them available on the 20th of every month.