Wood Pellet Stove

Wood pellet stoves are mostly used as substitute heating in addition to a conventional heating system. Set up in the living room, they offer cost-effective heating, the atmosphere of a flickering fire and optimal operating comfort.

Wood Pellet Stove
Wood Pellet Stove
Wood Pellet Stove

The wood pellet stove is filled with bagged pellets, ignites electronically and is operated by a thermostatic control.

How it works

You fill the hopper with bags containing between 30 and 40 liters of wood pellets and the pellet stove provides heat for several days up to a week. Every few weeks you have to empty the ashes. All remaining processes take place automatically - the wood pellet stove offers a very high rate of user comfort. It ignites by means of a hot air fan. Electronic control is possible via room temperature sensor or timer. You can also send an ignition command and regulate the temperature of your wood pellet stove by SMS.

Cross section of a pellet stove


The burning process takes place in an extremely efficient manner, resulting in minimal emissions. Wood pellet stoves have an output of between 7 and 10 kW at an efficiency rate of over 90% and can be adjusted down to 30% of the rated output. They are excellently suited for the heating of apartments, but also as a renewable addition to conventional heating systems in single-family houses. Prices for quality stoves start at about 2,500 Euros. With a low investment you can significantly reduce your heating costs and bring the magic of fire into your living room.

Cost-Effective and Comfortable

Wood pellet stoves heat the room they are installed in directly through heat radiation and the discharge of heated air. The wood pellet stove makes it possible to replace a considerable amount of conventional, expensive energy sources with the renewable and low-priced alternative wood pellets whilst avoiding major investments and conversions like the exchange of a central heating system.

Great Heating Solution for Low-Energy and Passive Houses

Wood pellet stoves are often used in low-energy and passive houses. Those have such low energy requirements that a small wood pellet stove often suffices to warm the whole house – a highly cost-effective solution. Wood pellet stove manufacturers who are members of proPellets Austria offer you products of the highest quality.

Before installation the following is to be considered:
A wood pellet stove requires a power connection and a chimney connection – usually for a flue pipe with a 10 cm diameter.
In any case, the chimney sweep must confirm that the chimney is suitable before the installation takes place and officially list the wood pellet stove after installation.